2020 Sailing Instructions


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View CSA Minimum Safety Rules here


These Sailing Instructions cover BARBADOS SAILING WEEK – being hosted by BARBADOS CRUISING CLUB.  The Event Venue is AQUATIC GAP, Carlisle Bay, Barbados

Dates - January 17th. – 23rd 2020

Further Information and Contact Persons details are found at para. 23 below

The Regatta will consist of two EVENTS

PART A) Coastal Races Series -   hereinafter referred to as CRS PART B)  Mount Gay Rum Round Barbados Race  hereinafter referred to MGRRBR The following set of Sailing Instructions will apply to both events except where specifically stated as  PART A) or PART B) The Events will be scored separately.

ABBREVIATIONS   – as well as above the following abbreviations will be used

Organising Authority      OA          Caribbean Sailing Association      CSA

Principal Race Officer     PRO       Barbados Cruising Club  BCC

Race Committee              RC           Committee Boat               CB

Racing Rules of Sailing    RRS        Inner Distance Mark       IDM

1.    RULES

1.1          The regatta will be governed as defined in the current Racing Rules of Sailing

1.2          No National Prescriptions will apply

1.3          The Regatta will also be governed by

a) for boats in CSA classes, the 2020 CSA Rating Rule

b) for boats in non CSA classes by The BCC Local rules and handicap

c) the CSA Minimum Safety Rules - see Addendum 2 - or as spelled out in para. 4 following

1.4          RRS 52 – Manual Power – is deleted

1.5          RRS 55 – Trash Disposal – shall be changed by adding the following sentence after the first sentence.  “However discarding biodegradable environmentally friendly bands when setting a sail is permitted “

1.6          RRS 87 – The Rules for the J 24 Class may be varied at the discretion of the OA by displaying written notice of same on the official notice board by 6 pm. on the day before the regatta starts and confirmed at the Skipper’s Briefing


All Notices to Competitors will be posted on the Official Notice Board located at the Barbados Cruising Club


3.1          The RC will communicate with the competitors by VHF radio using the Designated Channel to be posted on the Official Notice Board.  (Channel 11 will be used) All boats are advised to have a vhf radio available / on board

3.2          Failure of a boat to hear any information or notification on the VHF radio will not be grounds for redress. This changes rule 62.1(a)

3.3          Any boat retiring from the MGRRBR MUST notify the RC as soon as possible by VHF radio or immediately on arriving back on shore. Or alternately by cell phone to number 1 246 242 3234

4.            SAFETY

4.1  All ‘yachts’ in the MGRRBR MUST have on board an anchor and rode capable of holding the boat in the expected conditions. No boat shall race with an anchor overhanging the bow. However written application may be made to the OA for exemption from this requirement which may be granted solely at the OA’s discretion and without appeal. (Specifically – very large yachts unable to remove their anchor)

4.2          Rule 40 – Personal Flotation Devices - will apply to all dinghy, beach cat, windsurfer and kite boarder classes at all times.  Flag Y with appropriate class flag(s) will be flown as detailed in Rule 40 from the committee boat if this rule is to be applied to any other classes.

4.3          Retiring from race - See para. 3.3 above.  Notification to OA of retirement is mandatory


Any changes to these SI’s will be posted on the Official Notice Board at BCC before 8 am on the day it will take effect.                The order in which classes will start will be displayed by flag from the CB and boats will be notified by VHF radio. Order of starting may change from start to start.

Note - Any conflict arising between the SI’s and the NOR then these SI”s will take precedence.


Signals made ashore will be displayed on the flagstaff at BCC

7.            SCHEDULE OF RACES


7.1          Coastal Races – will take part on Saturday 18th and Sunday 19th January 2020

For all classes a Maximum of 9 races are scheduled.  However some classes may sail less. The racing area will be the waters in and around the West and South coasts of Barbados including in Carlisle Bay

7.2          The earliest warning signal for the first race of each day will not be before 08.55 am.  An

ORANGE flag attention signal will be flow approx. 5 mins. before along with a sound signal

7.3          The Committee Vessel will be stationed in Carlisle Bay

PART B)   Mount Gay Round Barbados Race

7.4          MGRBR will take place on Tuesday 21st. Jan 2020

7.5          The racing area will be the waters totally around the shores of Barbados

7.6          The first warning signal will not be before 06.55 am. An ORANGE flag attention signal will be flown approx.  5 mins. before along with a sound signal

7.7          A schedule for each boats starting time will be available at the skipper’s briefing on Monday 21/01/2020 and will be posted on the regatta notice board at BCC

7.8          The times referred to above are accurate world time as shown on GPS


8.1 Classes will be as stated in the NOR and will be determined at the sole discretion of the OA who reserve the right to amalgamate or cancel any classes for any reason as they see fit.

8.2 Classes racing to the CSA Rating Rule must declare their sail combination prior to close of registration for their event -PART A) or PART B) as appropriate - which may not then be changed for the duration of that event.

8.3 Windsurfers, Kite boarders, Dinghies and Beach Cats will be accepted into the events at the discretion of the OA (see NOR – safety requirements) but (for the CRS only) may be required to sail different courses in an alternate location - ie. beach starts from BCC for PART A) Coastal Race Series


9.1 All Competitors must have an agreed form of visual identification.  To be confirmed at Skipper’s briefing.

9.2.  All competitors in Committee Boat starts are asked to sail close to Committee boat and be identified before Start of first race of the day.  Failure to check in may result in being scored DNS if not identified

9.3  PART B) MGRRBR  All boats must endeavour to call the Committee boat on VHF as they approach the finish line – approx. 15 – 30 mins. away.  They should also note the boat immediately ahead and immediately behind them if possible.

10.          COURSES

10.1 PART A) Coastal Race Series.  Courses to be sailed will be as described in Addendum 1 - to be issued at or prior to the skipper’s briefing.  GPS positions will be given as APPROX. location of each mark but failure of any mark position to be exactly as stated shall not be grounds for protest or redress.

Course to be sailed will be displayed on a white board at the stern of the Committee boat before the WARNING signal for the race to be sailed.  Course will also be announced by VHF radio.

When second or subsequent races are to be sailed the course will be displayed as above before the WARNING signal is made and will also be announced by VHF radio.

10.2        PART B)  MGRRBR  The course will be completely around Barbados in a southerly (anti- clockwise) direction, leaving the island and all outlying shallows to port.           The onus is on Skippers / Navigators to ensure safe deep water navigation.

10.3        PART A) and PART B) the RO may shorten or alter any course, including the location of the starting area or starting line, or at any mark in accordance with RRS 27,32,33. An attempt will be made to notify all competitors by VHF – but see para 3.2 above.  Also note RRS 34 if any mark is missing.


Identification and approx. positions of marks will be posted on the notice boards in compliance with SI para 2 above.                ADDENDUM 1 – Course and Marks - will be available at the Skipper’s Briefing.  Approx. GPS positions of marks will be given.

11.1        The starting marks for the coastal races will be the committee boat and an inflatable Pin Mark laid to its Port side.  The Committee Boat will also trail an Inner Distance Mark closely adjacent to its stern. Boats must not touch or pass between this IDM and the Committee Boat.

For the MGRRBR the start line will be a line between the Committee Boat and the flagpole on the Barbados Cruising Club.

PART A)                The finish marks for the DOWNWIND finish will be the Committee Boat and an inflatable mark  laid to its Starboard  side.

All other marks will be as detailed in the course map as detailed in Addendum 1

12.          THE START

Boats not yet starting will keep clear of the starting area and not interfere with boats due to start.

The location of the Committee Boat for both events will be in Carlisle Bay


12.1        The starting procedure will be in accordance with RRS 26 (5,4,1, go) with other classes starting on a rolling 5 min. sequence.  Note - there will be no recalls.   RRS 30.2 (Z flag) will apply to all starts.   A two (2) minute place penalty will be added to boats starting OCS.

12.2        An ORANGE flag (attention signal) will be displayed on the Committee Boat with one warning sound signal approximately 5 minutes before the first warning signal of the first starting sequence and will remain flying for the duration of each full sequence of starts.  This orange flag will constitute the STARBOARD end of the starting line.  The PORT end of the starting line will be an inflatable floating mark. The starting line will be between these two marks.


12.3 The first leg of the course will be southbound around Barbados from the Committee Boat line as above para 11.1        Starting procedure will be in accordance with RRS 26 as above for the first boats to start. Subsequent boats will be called to the starting area by VHF radio in preparation to start at their designated time.  A countdown will be given by radio in the final minute as each boat is due to start.

12.5 There will be no individual recalls.    Boats starting early will be notified on VHF - Delay or failure to broadcast by the RC, or to receive by an OCS boat, will not be grounds for redress. This changes RRS 62.1 (a)

Boats starting ahead of their allocated time will be given an automatic time penalty of 15 minutes on their ELAPSED TIME in excess of the GREATER of their actual elapsed time taken from their observed starting time or their allocated time.



13.1 UPWIND Finishes - The finishing line for UPWIND finishes will be between the ORANGE flag on the Committee Boat and the PIN end buoy, leaving the CB to STARBOARD – i.e. the start line.

DOWNWIND Finishes – The finish line for DOWNWIND finishes will be between the ORANGE flag on the Committee Boat and a laid buoy, leaving the CB to STARBOARD

13.2 If a second or subsequent race is scheduled for that day the Committee Boat will fly the second substitute flag and will attempt to notify all boats by VHF radio.  The next start will be indicated by an attention sound signal and the orange flag approximately 1 minutes before the warning signal.   RRS 26 procedure will again apply for that start.

PART B) MGRRBR   The finish line will be the same as the start line 11.1 above.  Boats will finish in the same direction to that which they started. Ie. a complete circumnavigation of Barbados


14.1 For all classes RRS 44.1 is changed so that the Two-Turns Penalty is replaced by the One- Turn Penalty.

14.2 The Penalty, if any, for breaches of the RRS - other than Parts 1 and 2 - will be at the sole discretion of the Jury.  This changes RRS 64.1 and RRS A 4.2

A boat in the Coastal Racing Series which is observed as in breach of RRS 30.2 (flag Z) will receive a scoring place penalty without hearing of 2 places. This changes RRS 44.3 (c)

14.3        A boat that does not take a Penalty for breach of RRS sections 1,2, in accordance with RRS 44.1 may accept a 3 place scoring penalty at arbitration or before the protest hearing, at the discretion of the Jury.  This changes RRS 44.3(c)

15.          TIME LIMITS

PART A)                Coastal Racing Series   The time limit for any individual race will be 2.5 hrs. for the leading boat. Subsequent boats must finish with 30 minutes of the leader’s finish. The time limit for the final race of the day will be 5 pm. Saturday and 1.30 pm. Sunday

PART B)                                MGRBR The time limit for all boats will be 6.30 pm.

Boats not finishing within the time limits above will be scored DNF without a hearing. This changes RRS 35, A4 and A5


16.1        The protest time limit shall be 1 hour from the time when the Committee Boat docks.  Protests must be submitted in writing. Protest forms will be available at BCC

16.2        A written notice informing competitors of time / place of protest hearing will be posted on the notice board at BCC within 15 minutes of the protest being received.  The protest will then be heard as soon as possible. It is each party’s (or representative) responsibility to be present at the hearing and failure to attend will result in the protest proceeding without you and a decision reached.

16.3        No protest will be re-opened for any reason after expiry of protest time limit for the final day’s racing.   Jury decisions made prior to that time will be considered as final.


17.1        Scoring will be in accordance with RRS Appendix A

For all classes one race must be completed to constitute a series.

17.2        If 4 or more races are completed ONE discard will be allowed


17.3        Scoring will be based on finishing elapsed time around the course regardless of starting time or actual place in crossing the finish line.

17.4        For boats racing to the CSA handicap system their Corrected Time will be computed from their TCF – on a Time on Time basis.


18.1        All boats are encouraged to have a VHF Radio on board.  However boats shall not, except when in the starting area, communicate with the Committee Boat or OA except for emergency broadcast or to notify the RO of intended retirement from the race. (see para.3.3 above)

18.2        Boats shall not seek to gain an advantage from outside radio sources which are not available to all other competitors.


19.1        Results for the days racing will be posted on the Official Notice Board at BCC as soon as possible

19.2        Final Overall results and Regatta Prizes will be awarded at the final awards ceremony held on Wednesday 22 January at 1700 hrs at the Barbados Cruising Club

20           MEDIA RIGHTS

20.1  By participating in these events competitors grant the OA and the event sponsors the right, in perpetuity ,to make use and show at their discretion, any photography, audio or video recordings and other productions of them and/or their boat made at the venue or on the water from the time of their arrival at the venue until their time of departure, without any compensation.


21.1        Competitors  participate in the regatta entirely at their own risk. See RRS 4 Decision to race.  The OA or any officers of the regatta will not accept any liability for material damage or personal injury, or death sustained in conjunction with, or prior to, or after the regatta.

22           INSURANCE

22.1        Each participating boat is STRONGLY advised to have valid third-party liability insurance for the duration of the regatta.


Addendum 1 – Courses to be sailed and race schedule -> See Courses - RoundBarbados.com

Addendum 2- CSA Minimum Safety Rules -> See Caribbean-Sailing.com

Addendum 3-  list of contacts with tel. numbers

The race channel will be Channel 11.

The emergency telephone number for withdrawals which will be carried on the Committee Boat will be 242 3234 (Jock will carry this)

The Barbados Cruising Club can be contacted on 1 246 426 4434


Addendum 4- Previous winners and record holders -> Records - RoundBarbados.com

Addendum 5- Race Flag Colours -> Each participating yacht shall display a coloured flag off the stern, representing the race class entered

Racing class: Orange  

J24: Pink 

Non CSA: Yellow

Cruising: Blue

Classic: White