Around Barbados

If the crow flew in a circle the race is about 60 miles but as we're not racing on crows yachts end up doing around 70 plus miles.  The trade winds and incredible sailing conditions make it a great course.

Previous years, we've gone round the island by heading north up the west coast to start, and rounding the island clockwise, with the exception of the first race in 1936 when 5 schooners took up the challenge by rounding counter-clockwise.  There have been hours of debate, usually with a bottle of rum, deliberating which direction is the fastest.  This year we're sure the debate will not end, but there will be more stories to add to the equation. 

This year, 2020, we're returning to the original format and heading south, rounding with the island to our port side! 

Starting at the Barbados Cruising Club, with the start line between the Committee boat and the flagpole of the Barbados Cruising Club be careful not to come too close to the Hilton as there is a reef off Needhams Point  Heading past Oistins, you'll start to feel the breeze stiffen as you approach the south coast and head to the wind from the east. After passing Oistins look out for the reef of South point where any kitesurfers who haven't joined in the round Barbados race can be seen building their leg, arm and ab muscles on the wave break of the reef.

Continuing east along the bottom of the island you will encounter the full force of the Atlantic with nothing between you and Africa. Stay well south of Cobblers reef off Ragged Point on the South-East Coast, and once clear of it, with a line of sight to North point, you can tack to make your way up the east coast of Barbados.

Follow this with a 20 mile fetch, riding those same waves beam on up the east coast, trying to maximize speed to clear North Point.  Wave to the spectators at Animal Flower Cave as you sail on a run downwind.  After you round North point a small reef between North Point and the cement works is the last obstacle before heading down the West Coast.

Time to relax and enjoy the calm sail along the platinum coast of Barbados, passing the homes and haunts of the very rich and very famous.

Pass the deep water harbour to port and then through the historic Carlisle Bay, to the finish! 

Coastal Racing

Our weekend race series on January 18 and 19 can be entered separately, or together with the Round Barbados Race.

Racing in 5 classes, taking in both the South and West Coasts of the Island.  

All races count towards the final positions - and our fabulous unique prizes will be awarded at the end of the series at the Grand Prize Giving on January 22nd.

On shore, there'll be a party every night to relax, unwind, discuss the following days tactics... or just have a glass or two of Mount Gay Rum.