Racing Classes


Classes - Round Barbados

The aim of the race is simple, even if the course is a little more challenging: One day, one race, to record the fastest time around the island of Barbados.

Records may be set in a number of classes the following of which have been selected and may be increased according to entries.

Monohull Open

Overall length 30' and under 
40’ and under
60’ and under
80’ and under
Over 80

Multihull Open

Overall length 25’ and under
40 and under
60 and under;
Over 60

Monohull With Foils Open
Multihull With Foils Open
Double Handed Monohull
Single Handed Monohull
Single Handed Multihull
CSA Handicap

Kite Surfer
Kite Foiler

Classes - Coastal Racing

The following classes have been selected and may be increased according to entries:

CSA Racing
CSA Cruising
Non CSA Rated

Final classification is at the sole discretion of the race committee.

A valid CSA rating is required for entry into the Coastal Racing CSA classes and for the CSA class of the Round Barbados Race.


Flag Colours

Orange:             Racing

Pink:                  J24

Yellow:              Non CSA

Blue:                 Cruising

White:               Classic